Kekistan Rocks is a domain composed of two root words from Esperantujo, an Esperanto speaking region of Kekistan located in Reality Overlay, a transparent dimension which coexists with ours.

The first Esperanto Root word is Kekistan/i.

Kekistan/i: to laugh at the universe with the humor of the eternal person.

The second new root is Rocks/i.

Rocks/i: the act of creating or participating in the Reality Overlay dimension.

Kekistan.Rocks serves as an extra-dimensional portal for Denaske, a program to help expectant parents gift Esperanto to their children from birth, creating native Kekistanaj Esperantistoj.

The Victory Gardens program seeks to encourage maintaining one’s own food supply, preventing the success of the extermination efforts against us Kekistanaj Esperantistoj, and ensuring the survival of our endangered culture and language.